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Good Dental Care offers a comprehensive array of dentistry options for Atlanta families who live in or around Fulton County. We welcome all patients. Our patients who seek affordable and trustworthy dental services can rely on Dr. Shalini Nair and her reliable staff to deliver high-quality, gentle care in a hospitable and cheery setting. We are here to help you, along with all the members of your family, in achieving a lifetime of exceptional oral health and guaranteed beautiful smile.

Oral Health and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may be too preoccupied in nourishing the baby in your womb and giving both of your bodies the best care possible. But even in this wonderful moment of anticipation, you need to stay on top of your dental concerns. Dr. Nair is all-ears to know the overall condition of her patients, especially for pregnant women, because she wants to cater to your special needs, like any other great dentist in Roswell. She will always have the patient’s best interests in mind.

  • If you are pregnant and notice changes in your oral cavity condition, do not think twice in telling your family dentist. Keeping your oral cavity healthy can assure optimal health during pregnancy and also help to minimize the occurrence of dental emergencies.
  • It is essential to visit Dr. Nair’s office on a regular basis, in the same manner that you would frequent your ob/gyn’s clinic for routine check-up and exams. Dr. Nair and her supportive team of experts will guide you through the effective and safe maintenance of your oral hygiene, recommending for you the right tools your delicate teeth and gums need and teaching you how to use them properly.
  • As a best precaution, you may want to steer clear of certain dental procedures that could complicate your pregnancy. Dr. Nair will work closely with your ob/gyn or family physician to determine what dental procedures are safe to undergo and at which stage during the pregnancy. Of course, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients to nourish your body as well as that of the baby’s. We are more than happy to answer your questions whenever you have one.

How to Protect Children’s Baby Teeth from Cavities

Taking care of your kids’ baby or deciduous teeth should be a top priority of every concerned parent in Fulton County like you. Some people may reason that baby teeth are temporary, meaning they don’t need looking after since they will fall out sooner or later. On the contrary, taking care of their deciduous teeth now translates to a healthier smile in the future. How the baby teeth form and survive will determine whether your adult teeth will be healthy.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), children should be brought to the dentist’s office within the first year after birth. Better yet, you can bring your child to Dr. Nair’s clinic once his or her tooth has erupted.

Here are some of our suggestions on how you can easily teach your sons and daughters effective brushing and flossing, as well as how to make the habit fun and enjoyable.

  • Set a good example. Children look up to their parents. If you want your child to grow up with a gorgeous set of pearly whites, you should get in the habit and show them how it’s done.
  • Reward them. Positive reinforcement always works for young minds.
  • Serve them nutritious fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to give them their daily glass of milk.

Dr. Nair is a dependable family dentist who will take good care of your teeth and gums from childhood to adulthood.

Beautiful Teeth and Gums for Adolescents

Getting teens and young adults into the habit of maintaining proper oral hygiene and routine dental visits is a huge aspect of the family dentistry we offer.

An average of 19% of children, ages 2-19 years old, have untreated dental caries and about 7% of them have lost their teeth in their teenage years due to tooth decay. We don’t want your children to be part of those numbers.

As a young adolescent who is conscious now more than ever of your physical appearance, specifically about striking a head-turner smile, Dr. Nair suggests:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes;
  • Flossing the gaps of your teeth every day;
  • Avoiding snacks loaded with sugar and starch;
  • Wearing a mouth guard as recommended, especially if you have an active lifestyle; and
  • Seeing your family dentist regularly.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile in Your Adulthood

Many people, even in the small town of Roswell, are unfortunately misled into believing that cavities are kids’ problems alone. Dr. Nair sternly patients that tooth decay does not choose any age or gender. If you are not cautious enough, you can become a victim of this common dental problem. You might even not realize you have a large cavity and lose your tooth before you know it.

Fortunately, dental diseases are preventable. Regular 6 month checkups are a must for healthy teeth. You can also practice preventive dentistry in the comfort of your own home by simply incorporating these healthy habits in your daily routine:

  • Always brush your mouth thoroughly and completely. Remember to brush the roof of your mouth or palate and the insides of your cheeks as bacteria could hide in these locations as well. If you happen to own a tongue scraper, use it too in scraping dirt out of your tongue. Otherwise, brushing your tongue should be enough.
  • Floss between your teeth daily. Use an interdental cleaner if that is what’s suited for your teeth’s needs.
  • Be smart with your food choices. Eat healthily and on time.
  • Last but not least, never miss your scheduled dental check-up and professional cleaning. As Dr. Nair would say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

At Good Dental Care, we offer all-encompassing family dentistry for everyone—from newborns to grandparents! We endeavor positive dental experience for your whole family, so we take time in knowing our patients—from your personal desires to your health goals. Dr. Shalini Nair and her dedicated staff at Good Dental Care will see to it that you are comfortable during your entire appointment.